LifeWorks is a health SaaS organisation that offers personalised solutions with the right level of support, delivered at the right time and in the right way. They proactively intervene when someone is at risk, assist with recovery, and work to prevent issues in the first place, all aimed at maximising organisational productivity.
Recently, LifeWorks received a major rebranding, introducing a more contemporary and human-centric approach. As part of this rebranding, an illustration library was created, along with a series of updated animated videos showcasing the platform's features. 
As the lead designer for this project, I ensured that the created illustration style aligns seamlessly with the updated look and feel of the overall brand, making it versatile and suitable for use across all lines of business.
After exploring a number of different styles and reviewing them with key stakeholders, we landed on a modern, key-line approach, using interesting forms and shapes and incorporating the brand's updated colour palette. This approach was carefully chosen to align with our brand's modern and user-friendly image, ensuring a cohesive yet visually engaging identity.
The illustration library carefully crafted with great attention to detail and a deep understanding of our brand's essence, breathes life into our visual identity. It conveys complex ideas with simplicity, aligning seamlessly with our contemporary and approachable personas.
The animated videos, carefully crafted to showcase the platform's features, tell a compelling story that connects with the brands audience. They not only inform but also engage and inspire, enriching the user experience and reinforcing brand's values.
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